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LIVE!!! 2005 NOVEMBER 15 / TOURCOING le grand mix (FRANCE) : FRENCH DOCTORS + ETAGE34/TENKO (please see links hereunder)

F r e n c h D o c t o r s

New french collective, born in paris oct.2003 with Damo Suzuki (CAN, Dunkelziffer...)
violent/quiet improvised music including members of SunPlexus, Dragibus, PermanentFatalError, Aka_Bondage... First releases and more concerts in 2005, as FrenchDoctors and with Damo Suzuki ...

NICOLAS MARMIN aka_bondage, PFE, kilos of Black Bondage, Closer... SEBASTIEN BORGO sunplexus, trio de traitres... FRANQ DE QUENGO dragibus... OLIVIER MANCHION permanentfatalerror, faust, ulanbator... EDWARD PERRAUD : duo Big, duo Calx, Ich Bin, Das Kapital, 5tet Hubbub, Shams...
Edward Perraud : drums
Franq De Quengo : electronics, dig.percussion
Aka_bondage : bass, electronics
Sebastien Borgo : guitar, guitare préparée
Sunbeep : bass, acoustic guitar, e
+ released!!! DAMO SUZUKI'S NETWORK "HOLLYARIS" 2 cds release with Damo SUZUKI
CD2 Paris 2003 oct.5, cafe de la danse
(Indigo / fuenfunvierzig) "Very soon comes a double CD called "HollyAris"...I mean I'm going to release only doubles in future, except one CD I edited already. It's nice to have more than two hours of pure instant composed music which will never be performed again. 'HollyAris' has two location recorded live. One is in Hollywood another is Paris. As I perform with local sound carriers. CD 1 called Hollywood is performed by sound carriers from Los Angeles and Japanese guitarist Mandog. CD 2 called Paris is performed by sound carriers from France. After they formed a band called FRENCH DOCTORS as they found chemistry between them. And they are recording their first record..." (Damo's interview @spike magazine) )
+ Also : 9 hours of music have been be taped @Les Instants Chavires (2005 fab 21-22-23)
live photos with Damo (circa 100 photos from various gigs)

Also, a film about the october 2004 tour with Damo is under construction
2005 Nov15 - FRENCHDOCTORS + Etage34/Tenko Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing FR
2005 Feb23 - FRENCHDOCTORS Instants Chavires, montreuil FR
2004 Oct13 - Damo Suzuki & FRENCHDOCTORS - Olympic, Nantes FR
2004 Oct12 - Damo Suzuki & FRENCHDOCTORS - Confort Moderne, Poitiers FR
2004 Oct11 - Damo Suzuki & FRENCHDOCTORS - Astrolabe, Orleans FR
2004 Oct10 - Damo Suzuki & FRENCHDOCTORS - Cave aux Poetes, Roubaix FR
2004 July01 - Damo Suzuki & FRENCHDOCTORS - Mains d'Oeuvres, Mo'Fo fest. , Saint-Ouen FR
2003 Dec11 - Damo Suzuki & FRENCHDOCTORS - Nouveau Casino, Mouvement fest. Paris FR
2003 Oct05 - Damo Suzuki & FRENCHDOCTORS - Cafe de la Danse, Paris FR